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May 12 2017


My Favorite Online Store - Thrive Market

Healthy eating has become very common these days. This is evidenced by the rising number of food brands and products. New foods are being discovered from all over the world and sold commercially in the US. Organic foods especially are being favored by more and more people trying to lose weight or just lead a healthier lifestyle. Although organic foods can carry a hefty price tag, there are many affordable options for individuals on a budget.

Thrive market is an online organic grocery store that sells produce and products at very low prices. With the click of a button customers can shop for their weekly groceries and have them delivered right to their doorstep for free. Free delivery is something few people can resist and this is one of the most appealing things about thrive market. Except, of course, their preference for organic and non-GMO foods.

Health queen, Maria Marlowe actually compared her grocery shopping at Whole Foods to Thrive Market and she saved $41 off her weekly shopping. Thrive market offers up to 50% savings in shopping for organic and healthy foods. If you want to start eating healthy and think that healthy foods are expensive, then thrive market is the way to go. New shoppers are currently getting 25% off and free shipping on their purchase. The store offers a subscription service where you are informed on offers and new products via email.

Thrive market buys the produce and all of its products straight from the producers and does not involve middlemen in its supply chain process. This is how they can be able to offer the products at much lower prices. Some people might be suspicious of how they get low prices on their products but the company is very transparent to its customers. In addition, the company offers variety. With over 4000 products to choose from, customers will find all of their favorite healthy brands at the store.

The store works on a membership model. You pay for a monthly subscription before you can access the 4000 products mentioned above. The fee is very small, much less than the total savings you get in a week. Using the example of Maria Marlowe given, she saves about $41 on weekly groceries and pays $5 or less to subscribe in a month. Thus, the monthly subscription is much less.

If you are into losing weight and healthy eating and are trying to cut down on expenses, try thrive market out on www.thrivemarket.com

April 08 2017


Why Web Coupon Codes Work Sometimes and Sometimes Work Not at All

Why will one code work for one person and the same code won’t work for another? Why is there a 50% functional rate for coupon codes? People want codes that last long and work, and they aren’t as easy to find as it may seem.

One of the most frustrating parts of using coupon codes at all is that a single code could work some of the time and for only some of the people. Many websites offer a percent of how often it works (50% used the code effectively). What makes this so?

Allen Baler

Sometimes Yes- Sometimes No

The code could be programmed to work 50% of the time it is inputted. The code developer or the company that the code is used for could have a system where every other time a code is used it is activated. It could also work during certain times of the day, week, or month. So, for example, the company isn’t looking to apply discounts in the first week of the month when sales are higher. Perhaps the code only works on certain products. These are products the company wants to discount.

How Codes Can Eat Up Time

In all, codes are inconsistent because there are varying ways in which they can apply.Of course, the best godaddy coupons should last a long time and work. Find coupons here that fit the bill on both fronts. Savers spend time seeking coupon codes (and different ones each month), and they end up spilling time into this side-project. Yet, they already have so much more. These coupon codes are valuable because they apply to recurring charges, so time should not be spent monthly trying to find ones that last longer. It’s smarter to find one that just lasts.

Godaddy likes to look at codes that last a long time and have a high batting average. Godaddy is generally quite welcoming to coupon codes because their clients are typically computer-savvy and connected to that world.

Can they be stacked? Some coupon codes can be stacked for additional savings on other services. Users can apply three or four coupon codes for different saving types. It’s a great way to really take saving to the next level. So where are the longest-lasting codes? They may not be that far away. 
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